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Refund by mutual agreement


How do I get a partial refund as job is not up to scratch and since we both agreed on it I am happy to pay half of agreeed money as seller completely missed the point



i am the buyer, how do i get part of the payment back and please don’t tell to place a gig as you will cut the % for it am i correct?



I am also a buyer. You can not get partial payments back. It’s all or nothing. You can work it out with your seller to mutually cancel, then accept a custom offer for whatever you owe them.

If you are paying out of your credit balance, there won’t be a processing fee.


i don’t owe them anything it is the other way round, they owe me half of the money.


they agreed to half the money back, how do i get it back?


There is no way for seller to give you half the money back. It’s all or nothing.

The two of you need to do a mutual cancellation for the whole thing. You get your entire money back, then the seller can send you custom offer for whatever that was agreed to.

You can also contact customer support. They may tell you to try and work it out with seller first, though.


I’m not going to cut anything, I’m just a seller (but not the one you were working with, obviously). Forum users are buyers and sellers, not Fiverr staff.

The link I gave you tells you how to get part of the payment back. It’s the only way. A seller can’t give a partial refund, there’s simply no option to do that.


Thx, how do I contact support I can’t see any contact us buttons on website?


You can submit a ticket to them here:

I doubt that they can give you a partial refund, though. They can cancel the order for you, and then you’d get a full refund.


thank you for your help