Refund half to buyer!


Hello All! :slight_smile:
I am facing one small issue with one of my buyer,
we are working one some art since last few days. I took his all references and did whatever he said.
There was a time when I was working out of budget just to have client satisfaction and positive reviews!
after that he keep changing his requirements and start asking things that was not possible with my type of arts and things started messing up…and finaly dispute to cancel order…
I really worked very hard on project and spent too much time, so after talk we decided to end project with half payment and let him keep final art and source…
how can I send him half of amount back ? how to refund some amount to him ?
Help please :slight_smile
Thank you!


Hello. :slight_smile:

Fiverr´s Seller Help Center has Fiverr´s recommendation on how to go about a partial refund, see this link:


Don’t give anything back!

According to what you said he does not deserve to get anything back.


I would agree with Miss Crystal there, as she has a point, but since you said you already talked and decided, I supposed you want to stick to that, as I probably would just go through with whatever I had agreed on with my client.
You could ask Customer Support too, but I suppose they would tell you to settle it with your buyer, as you already did.


Yes I am thinking same, I sent him source file for free…you wont believe how many changes I did and how hard I work…:open_mouth:


Yes! I settle it out but not sure how to send back money…
I did 3 time more work in his budget and now to return half…I never face this situation with any client in my fiverr career…


Buyers do not deserve your work for free. Never give your work away. This devalues your service, and signals to buyers that they can take advantage of you. Don’t let them get away with that.


Hi Milla :smiley:
I was thinking same with this buyer but I am afraid if he will ask me to cancel this order first and then to create new? and if he dont create new :smiley:


many buyers threaten me to rate low, if i dont send source file…they think we always give source file for free and ask at end…
not all but some!


if i were you i would never refund him because hard work should always be paid of no matter what… but you already have agreed to give him partial refund… it is advised to take nea order first then cancel old one.


Yes ! I am thinking of doing same…he initiated request to CS for partial.
He said he would not be able to use delievery so I decided to give half back…
but he never said when I was sending him updates, he kept asking changes and said looks good nothing more


That´s why I posted the link, you can tell him that that is Fiverr´s recommendation for that transaction and give him the link too, maybe he´ll agree to it then.

And better luck with your next buyers, don´t agree on such things too quickly, what you say definitely sounds as if you had bad luck.

Either way, do not agree to canceling first and him ordering then; if he insists on doing it that way, just insist on doing it either Fiverr´s recommended way or no cancelation.


yes @miiila
I’ll surely take care of this:slight_smile:
Thank you so much!
I’ll post back what happen next :smiley:


SO we finally settle it out of CS and did what @miiila suggested…
he created new order and completed And Immediately I accepted cancellation !
Thank you all :slight_smile:


Don’t let them threaten you. Say no, and report any buyers who threaten or harrass you to Customer Support. Just because they threaten you, does not mean you have to give in. They’re probably threatening you because they want you to back down and give them free services. Don’t give in.

Stand firm. Let your no, be no.