Refund, how to make


Hi Everybody.
I have the Active order and did lots of extra work fo free, now the Client wants the refund. It means tha he wants his money back? And how can I get this? And how I can secure myself not to get the bad review?


Very simple, Cancel the order, and you are done.


You can choose to accept or deny his refund request. There is no rule saying that the buyer deserves a refund. Stand your ground. Don’t let clients bully you into getting their money back.

Keep in mind, though, if you deny his refund request, he can leave any review that he wants. If you accept the refund request, you would have likely wasted your time doing his work, because you delivered work, AND gave him his money back.

Also, a word of advice: NEVER do work for free.


:white_check_mark: You gave the client extra work for free. :expressionless:
:white_check_mark: Now you want to give the client a refund because he/she asked?

What’s the reason? Buyer dissatisfied with your work? or happy with your work and just want his/her money back? If you feel in your :heart: that you went above & beyond by over delivering, stand firm.


Okay, thanks but what if the order is still Active and he writes me in message and waiting for me to cancell the order. I’m new on Fiverr, and I think it means that I will get a negative review


I’m too patient and for good review I work hard))
And now client asks me to make a refund, when the order is active.


Also I did 4 logos instead of 2 and the Client didn’t like it.


Why did you do work for free that your buyer didn’t order? As much as I hate to say this, you were feeding his demands right from the start. You’re not going to be in business for too long if you keep giving your work away for free.


No the order is active and started and I did 2 extra logos after that he said to make the refund.


Right. You gave him a lot of free work, merely because he asked for it. That didn’t help your situation. Unless you offer unlimited revisions … which isn’t a good idea either (as this buyer situation has proven).


I think you should refund him. bcz you are new and if he gives you a negative review then your gig will lose its rank. Just go to the resolve option and go for refund. That’s it :slight_smile:


Understood, thank you))


Thank you for an advice))


And can the Byer make a refund or I have to do this?


They cannot refund, they can request for cancellation and you can accept it.


You have to do this and its better to do it yourself… :slight_smile:


Well, it’s your choice alone to accept or decline the cancel. If you delivered (4) logos instead of (2) and the buyer didn’t like it. Put the brakes on and don’t waste your time… I know reviews are everything, especially for a new seller. It sounds like you’re terrified of receiving a negative feedback from this client. But, if you do decide on canceling. Re-evaluate your game plan moving forward. Doing extra work for free, you will quickly find yourself burnt out.

To initiate a mutual cancellation request. Navigate to the order page and click on Resolve Now. This will take you to the resolution center.


Thank you very much))