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Refund (I want my money back.)

I did not get academic work! I got an F on my English paper, I want my money back.

Sheriff’s Note: This topic is not a SUGGESTION. Moved.

OK. We’re sending it now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tap on your computer screen 3 times and it will appear.

Karma’s a b*tch~ (%)

And if you keep cheating on your academic work by submitting “fake” work (not done by you), maybe you’ll end up with a (fake) degree.

Reply to @steveeyes: hahaha!!!

OMG! I guess it must be the time of year! I guess you got that coming. Maybe your school/ uni found out that the paper was not written by you, and you got an F because of that?

Secondly, when someone asks me to do homework for them or I get a homework kind of question, I always decline. Recently someone studying history at university asked me to do their Middle Dutch assignment. Now, I can read and analyze Middle Dutch, I have done so at university myself, but I always did it myself. If I would have kids, I would not want them to have a teacher who actually bought his diploma! Secondly, academic plagiarism and/or ordering assignments over the internet is illegal in my country and many others. Both you and the seller run a risk. I do not want to take that risk.