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Refund Money after giving positive reviews to seller [ARCHIVED]

can any one tell me …can i get back my money from seller…
i already give him 5 star ratings and positive reviews…
any solution to get back my money?

Why would you want to if the work was good?
You can talk to customer service.

You have not stated the real reason why you would want to do that, because that sounds like scam if truly the seller did deliver a job worthy of 5 star.

You can only do one of these things as a buyer:

1.) - Leave a positive or negative review, but the seller keeps what you paid.
2.) - Request a refund, but then any you cannot leave any kind of review.

You cannot leave a review and get your money back. Fiverr doesn’t work that way.

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Why are you even giving this person the time of day? Good job, well done–I want my money back.

Hey, could you come and clean my house for me, @sara_jameel? I might pay you, I might not. Depends how I feel, really. Just listen to yourself!

If you like his/her work then Refund is not fair.

A rated gig can still be refunded within 14 days of it being completed (RESOLUTION or CS escalated if seller refuses and buyer HAS evidence that this is not what they paid for etc) but indeed the main question is: How come you gave a positive review nd now you ask for a refund? Your practice is questionable :confused:

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I thought it was 3 days, not 14. Of course, if a buyer hasn’t given me a review and asked for a refund, I will give it just to avoid a bad review. But if he has already reviewed me, the order has been marked as complete, so why would I give him a refund?

I’ve read somewhere in the Forum that one can ask and get a refund during the clearing process which is I think indeed 14 days. This is why I mentioned it.I’m new here please forgive my ignorance :slight_smile:

I personally have used someone for a gig and at the time the gig was complete it was positive so gave five stars
A couple of days later my “likes” all disappeared… so I paid for the gig… I was asked by the person to give 5 stars which I did and now I am out $5 and back where I started,
If I pay someone else to do me a gig I will wait a month at least before commenting… I have NOT asked for my money back on the slim chance it will be fixed
So anyone that wants do do my FB like gig get in touch but you will have to wait for your five stars :slight_smile:

The site probably took them down since they were fake. That may happen every time you buy likes. That’s not really the seller’s fault if you got the likes unless he guaranteed they would stay up.

The deal was to re do if any significant loss… strange thing is I can see them when I look at new likes but have been removed from the page likes… perhaps its FB that is doing it but a reply from the seller said there was something wrong with her program and she would sort it … since then despite me messaging asking whats happening I get no reply.
I do not think she is fake. her profile is still up!!
Oh and I have actually contacted some of the ones on the list and they are genuine people…

It sounds like something FB is controlling. Still she should do what she said she would.

Hi Guys.

I have just purchased, 2 different services, both have all these Great Reviews and their profile explanation tells me, they have 10 years plus on their experience.
Both people I purchased from sucked, really badly and I am suffering for this now, due to time constraints.
Both Sellers were very pushy in me putting a 5 star rating and good comment.
They informed me, that regardless off the bad job, if I give them a bad rating, that means they don’t get work.
So I told them, I am going to be honest, from now on, not assist you with buyers and I am not worried about you getting your next job or not.

The person who posted the beginning of this thread did not actually say they had a bad experience with their seller. I think that is why others are confused and defending the seller. If the buyer posted a positive review because they received the correct delivery, there should be no need for a refund.

I understand your position that if a seller did not deliver what they promised you and you asked for a modification that was not done correctly, you are not obligated to leave a 5 star review. I think that’s different from what is causing confusion in this thread.

I thinking they are Exchanging Reviews with each other and did not want Fiverr to Take their Fee’s. They want it to be done for Free :smiley:

You Should Simply Had Send a Cancellation Request and then after two days
(if they denied to Provide the thing and Also did not agree to Mutual Cancellation) the Order would Be cancelled Automatically.

:smiley: thats funny :stuck_out_tongue:
(Good job, well done–I want my money back.) LOL

Right on!!! Oh the things people do to get ahead easy.

I just realize have 14days refund policy~ no wonder after 14days, the seller totally ignore my message. He suppose to manage my social media for one month! Should I report his name?