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Refund money from paypal to fiverr

Hi !

I use paypal to fund my withdraws , all is correct *-:slight_smile:

Yesterday , I fund money from paypal to fiverr ( or .

This money is exactly my withdraws that I sent from fiverr to paypal .

The problem that I don’t know if this money will reach in my account fiverr as " withdraws "OR I don’t will receive it anymore ( lost it ). :-?

Please , see the attached to understand the situation .

Please, if someone done this before , advice me :slight_smile:

thank you ;:wink:

I’m trying to understand what you’re trying to say…can you try rephrasing/restating it??

Reply to @theratypist:
please, see the attached image :slight_smile:
It’s screen shoot from my PAYPAL account .
I refund money from paypal to fiverr.
I need to know if I will receive this money on my account fiverr or not .

Thanks :slight_smile: