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REFUND needed help


Hello, could someone please help me on how I get a refund… it would be good if a fiverr mod could see this also! I bought a gig off a lady who promised me she would sing me an acapella as requested… all she done was send me the exact same file I sent her… nothing else. She expects to get away with that? Come on… please help as I’m not prepared to throw money down the toilet for that.


Edited to add: have you tried contacting your seller? Maybe she sent you the wrong file by mistake.


you can simply cancel the order and your money will be refunded.


As Fiverr Credit, to your Fiverr account.


yes as fiverr credit but I read somewhere that there is a way that someone can also receive the money back in their paypal.


Forum mods are just sellers and have absolutely no power or influence regarding orders.
If your seller has delivered something you are unhappy with then contact them first.
You can ask them to redo it or for another solution.
If you are still unhappy you can initiate a cancellation in the Resolution center.
If your seller refuses to cancel you can contact and explain the issue to them.

Please note: An order will automatically be marked complete 3 days after delivery and at that point it is less likely to be cancelled.


You should be able to cancel for non-delivery as was mentioned. You get a refund in Fiverr credit easily in that case. You would need staff (not moderators) for more help than that.


Thanks guys. I have asked seller yes and she is struggling to reply… I did mention that she has sent me the wrong file and nothing has been done. Just avoiding me as much as possible. It says delivered but I haven’t recieved anything where do I get the cancel option now? I’d be as well throwing the money away -.- .


You have a few options:

  1. You can click on Request Modification button on the order page and demand that she sends you the correct file. Requesting a modification will prevent the order from being marked as complete, and she will have to send something.

  2. You can click on Resolve Now link on the order page. That will take you to the Resolution Center, and there you can state your issue with the seller and request a mutual cancellation. Once the seller accepts, you will get a refund. If the seller does nothing for 2 days, the cancellation will go through.

  3. If she doesn’t accept the cancellation and doesn’t send you the correct file, submit a ticket to Customer Support, send them screenshots, tell them what’s going on, and ask for their help. They will cancel the order for you and refund you.


It has went through as complete as i gave her a bad review and requested a refund… Does the second and third option still apply? Thank youthis is helpful btw!


I think that mutual cancellations are no longer possible on completed orders (both buyers and sellers were abusing the option; sellers to remove negative feedbacks, and buyers to blackmail the sellers and get a refund). You can try clicking on Resolve Now and see if there’s an option to cancel.

You can still contact Customer Support and ask them for help. EDIT: I’m not sure whether they’ll think that you’re trying to blackmail the seller with a bad review, though.


It can only become AUTO Complete, if you failed to check the email notifications Fiverr has sent to you prior to Auto Completion.

Else, if you were not satisfied with the product, you should NOT have accepted the delivery NOR should you have left ANY Feedback. I see that you are a level one seller. So you should have some idea regarding feedbacks.

Now you questions and your statement of your actions seems malicious as you want to have a sort “Revenge” for not delivery your gig as required.

This will NOT give you any positive outcome, and you will not get support from Customer Support if anyone decides to report this.

This will simply be a violation of Terms of Service on Fiverr by you, if you continue with this sort of behavior and action.


I have all the proof that the seller has ripped me off I left a bad review as I’m obviously angry. I’m not the one in the wrong. I payed she didn’t do anything. She’s in the wrong not me.


Let me give you a scenario from a situation I personally experienced.

A person ordered a pizza.
Pizza was delivered.
The person was not happy about the order, so decided to call the manager of the pizza shop.
Manager said, Sure, I will refund you the price, I am sending my delivery boy to pick up the pizza.
The person said, Sorry, but I ate it already.

Does that make sense?


Of course it makes sense but that is not relevant here as I recieved no product. As I said I have all the evidence that clearly shows I have recieved nothing and I even say that in the review as the person was not replying to me requiring a refund.


Thanks anyway for ur input.


Aidan, please understand my statements were based on YOUR statements and nothing more. I commented on the perception of your actions.

I am not attempting to target you personally, but reminding you the repercussion of such perceived behavior.

I wish you the best in your resolution.

Cheers. :thumbsup: