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Refund not right!


I placed a 2 day order that was not completed 5 days later - i asked for a refund. I was charged $220 for a custom gig along with an $11 processing fee for a total of $231. First I resent the fact that the refund didnt go back to my card and went to Fiverr account. This stops me from ordering my project somewhere else. How can i have the funds laced back on my card. Second I only received $210 back. I want the rest of my money refunded to me.


You’ll need to ask customer services I’m afraid - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Not sure about the amount being different - you don’t receive the processing fee back though.
The money goes to your Fiverr account so that if you wanted to order from a different seller then you dont have to pay the processing fee again.
To get refunded to the card you paid with, as offlinehelpers said, you need to contact customer support and request it be returned.


Fiverr issues refunds back to your account for future use on fiverr. You cannot transfer these funds back to your card, sorry.


Although you can’t transfer funds back to your card, Fiverr Customer Support can do it for you. In most cases, they will do so if the buyer contacts them and it’s a one-time issue, especially on larger amounts. The processing fee isn’t refunded but they usually will credit the buyer’s payment source with the rest of the funds. If a buyer tries to abuse this option by asking for it repeatedly, they won’t do that.


Ah good to know, thank you!


Support told me buyers have the choice to get the money refunded back to their payment method or fiverr balance. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: So yes, it is possible! Shame about the fees though.