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REFUND paypal and fiver balance

i bought a service and the service was not up to the standard which i wanted. So me as the buyer and the seller made a “Order Cancel by Mutural Agreement”. I then read terms and conditions that all refunds are refunded back into your Fiver Balance. So i esclated it with paypal and my account got a warning and now my fiver balance is empty and no refund to my paypal too.


Since you have read the terms of service, you know that escalating things with your payment provider (in this case, PayPal) is a ToS violation and that Fiverr can temporarily put your account on hold because of that, or even permanently ban you.


where is my fiver balance gone

You will have to contact fiverr support. (Which you should’ve done from the beginning)

And as you know when you are opening a dispute with PayPal money are held in “escrow” there while the dispute is open. It is not refunded automatically.

i opened a dispute to fiver as i canceled my order but it had been closed a few days later.

Did you open a ticket with support or did you open a dispute on an order through resolution center?