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Refund Policy that wont effect profile

Hi i am a new seller i worked on a clients apk site but he didnt like the work and asked for refund…so how should i refund that i it won’t effect my profile or reviews


You cannot. You have to cancel the order, which will make your completed orders rate go down. If you were to force the buyer to accept the order, they would probably go through customer service to get it cancelled.

You could try contacting customer service to see if there is a way to cancel this without it affecting your analytics, but don’t hold your breath that they will do this.

Also, remove the outside of Fiverr link you posted in your post.


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Personally, i think would make sense to cancel the order and have it affect your profile, thats why it the ratings are there? People who cant provide something that meets expectations are given a lower rating from those that do.

If you have not provided them with files and have only shown them a preview of it, not as if they’re gonna run away with the files.

If they have asked for a refund after having the items delivered without saying anything bad to any previews i’d be a bit iffy

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Feedback should always be honest.

If your work was not good enough and your buyer leaves a fair appraisal of their experience, then this will benefit the wider Fiverr community.

Too many buyers try and hide their mistakes. I understand why - it is human nature to do so - but you’ve also got to understand that if your delivery did not match expectations, then other prospective buyers have a right to know this.

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