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Refund Scam! Sounds Robotic, Voice Over Not Good

Hi Fiverr’ss
It’s that time of year where the crème de la crème and scammers are out in force.
Just note fellow voice over artists that the following is a blanket statement and indicative of people who want the voice over for free or are testing the waters with different artists…Or buyers remorse…

Your voice over sounds Robotic and sounds computer generated I want to cancel you have two options

I know that the current streaming bitrate is poor , so after establishing the client has been reminded to download the audio file first. be aware of the following.

  1. Never agree to cancel an order when this reason above is given.
  2. You will normally be threatened shortly after rejecting their cancel request.
  3. They normally will not ask for a revision, and just give a blanket statement of how cra* your are!
  4. “Robotic” and “Computer generated” are buzz words on web sites that teach you how to screw over freelance voice over artists.
  5. If they ask for a revision, while simultaneously asking for a refund, send them a raw voice over file with NO post processing. Always keep the raw file handy for this purpose.
  6. “It sounds robotic” or “computer generated” IS NOT grounds for cancellation. This is a general term that means nothing. Most of the time they will not explain what exactly they don’t like.
  7. A lot of the time this kind of client will contact you in advance saying they did not like the last voice over who worked for them. Or they want to change the style.
  8. Always report a cancellation request like this to CS .
  9. Also check their user profile, if they are brand new users or have less that favorable feedback attach examples to CS
  10. If you don’t report it, then who will check who else they’re doing this to?

Thank you steve-maxell!! As a new voice talent to Fiverr I appreciate all the advice. Is there any checks and balances to help with these kinds of issues? Is there a system in place to verify if a buyer is reputable or if they are manipulative trying to scam you out of your hard work? Thanks again for posting this!!! Very Helpful!!

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Hi deanbrightman good luck going foward on here.
The only checks and balance I would say is with your self as a voice over artist…
You have to know realistically that your product is as good as ( Or better ) than all other sellers out there.For if you were no good you would not get sales or 5 star reviews. So that is your checks and balances,.
If you are consistent in how you process and deliver your audio not everyone is going to like your work.
But honesty is better than lying to me. Almost all the scammers will use that phrase.

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I listened to your sample , very good- balanced and clear.

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Sorry you guys have to go through this! There are lots of game players right now.