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Refund to client

Urgent help Required
My client open a dispute. I have offered unlimited revisions in the order. But the client did not specify the modifications and open a dispute. The client has withdraw the dispute against refund offered by me.

I don’t want to go into the dispute. Now only 2 hours left to complete the order.

What is refund procedure. Please help me.

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[/quoteYou can only give a refund by canceling the order. However, your stats will take a hit.


I don’t want to hit my rank. Is there any other way? Second, If I cancel the order, what will be the next process to ensure refund?

Thank you so much for guidance

There is no other way, unless your client is happy with the revisions you make.

You cannot go outside of Fiverr and issue a refund. There was a seller here who told us of how he lost his account for doing a PayPal refund to his buyer. Don’t do it.

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thanks, I am not going outside, Just want to fix the issue

You will continue to have issues with buyers as long as you offer unlimited revisions. I do not offer any. Many sellers who do offer unlimited revisions end up having headaches when the buyer comes back repeatedly for the unlimited revisions even months or over a year later.


Good/ In my case. client is not specifying the required modifications. How a seller modify the order without any specification? I am stock now.

A cancellation is refunding the order.

Just to make sure I’m on the same page:
You’ve made your initial delivery, the buyer has made a dispute.
Which dispute has the buyer made?
If it’s a revisions request, then they need to state what change they want made. It’s against the ToS to abuse the revision option.


Thank so much, client did not request for revision, he directly opened the dispute.

You have three options.

One, you either try and satisfy your buyer by completing the work, although it sounds like your buyer is not accepting of this.

Two, you cancel the order. This will automatically refund the buyer, but your completion stat will take a hit - and your buyer walks away with free work.

Three, you fight the cancellation through customer support. You will need to demonstrate that the work you delivered is the same as what your gig promised.

Some other quick thoughts… never offer unlimited revisions. In extreme cases, abusive buyers will come back to you time and time again for no money. Also, most buyers who cancel an order after delivery simply want free work. No doubt some buyers are genuine and cancel for other reasons.


I must say this is true. in 2015 buyer ask me to do 31 revisions. :worried:


Sadly, it is true. The problem is that inexperienced sellers think the words ‘unlimited revisions’ will attract buyers and lead to an order.

While this can be true, the buyers they attract tend to be scammers who have ONLY bought the gig knowing they can get away with being abusive.


Thank you so much for kind guidance, sir