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Refund to Paypal as a buyer?

Hi to anyone reading this.

I recently ordered a gig, wich was cancelled since the seller didn’t deliver on time.

Now the payment has been assigned to my Fiverr balance, however, i would like it refunded to my Paypal account.

I would like to know if this is possible, and if so, how to do this.

Thanks in advance for any helpful information.


Just go to your paypal online account and dispute the charge/payment, or call PayPal.

hello I ordered a gig on fiverr for 25 dollars but i was not loged in so my paypal was charged but i have no gig WTF

Thanks for your reply, i’m wondering if there’s anything other than a Paypal dispute?

I mean i have no problem with anything, just want my funds back.

I’ll have a go at contacting Customer support again…

*So the ToS, that oc no one reads, says that once you put funds on your account, you’ll never get them back? That’s just total BS, seeing that sellers can withdraw from their account balance np…

I hired @ahzatsa and paid him $90…

He asked question and led me on for 2 weeks, he even commented he was nearly finished… then I discover, he never even started the project!

I was already behind schedule. I want my $90 back now!

3/12/2014 ACH DEBIT INST XFER PAYPAL TRACE NO: 091000013491297 $5.00

3/12/2014 ACH DEBIT INST XFER PAYPAL TRACE NO: 091000013489537 $85.00

How do I get my $90 back??

You won’t get the $90 back to your PayPal. It will be a Fiverr ‘credit’ that you have to spend on the site.