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Refund? what refund - rip off more like

I requested a refund because of a useless ****** developer I was unfortunately enough to find, it was finally refunded but to my fivver account, so I have £230.28 (GBP) in my fiverr account, which is useless to me at the moment, since I do not need to use fiverr, although I will likely use again in the future, but at the moment I’d like that money returned to my PayPal account.

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Speak to Customer Support. To the mod who removed the country, thanks :thumbsup:.


I recently cancelled an order and was refunded $300, but it wasn’t actually a refund, because Fiverr was generous enough to hold my money for me, vice releasing it as “refunds” have universally come to be understood in business. When i get a refund i want my money. I know how to spend it on Fiverr and don’t need help with that. Please place my money back on the card that it came from… or placed another way, (1) “Would you kindly please return control of my money to me?” (2) If your service is good, you’ll get return business… You do know that if more peole knew about how valid sentence 1 and 2 were about Fiverr, your users would decline. No one wants to be controlled, especially when it comes to there hard earned money. This Fiverr practice reeks of desperation and doesn’t make me feel confident in Fiverr. I’m not mentally disabled, so please insult me further by trying to describe imposing control over my funds as a positive thing. I didn’t buy the Financial Planner or Gold Digger Gig. My gig was for a Ghost Writer. Most of us have been spent thousands of dollars online to date and rarely experience this policy.

you have to contact customer support and tell about the situation. they can help you…

If you don’t like Fiverr ToS when it comes to refunds than you should not have agreed to it when you signed up. You got your money back in store credit. If you don’t like the way anyone does business, then it is up to YOU to read the policy and ToS.


Fiverr will refund back to the original payment source.

Note: If you do not want the money refunded to your shopping balance and prefer that the money be reimbursed to your PayPal or credit card, Fiverr can issue a one time refund. A second refund request may need to be reviewed by our Risk Management Team.

Just contact them and they’ll get sorted for you.


Contact customer support about refund to your bank or paypal account they will help you

As the others have said, Fiverr Customer Support will help you with a refund if you ask them politely and professionally. Most buyers do want to buy a service from another seller if they get a refund, and it saves them from paying a processing fee more than once, so that is the main reason Fiverr puts it in your balance. It’s no big deal to get it back, though. The thread will be closed shortly because this was in reply to an old thread, but good luck with your situation.

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