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Refund / Withdrawing Balance should be standard

I recently bought a logo from a fiverr high rated seller. It was awful. Beyond awful. A refund was agreed and the amount return to me.

However I am unable to withdraw this balance back into my account.

As far as I’m concerned this is a failure on fiverr’s part. If you can take my money easily you can return it easily. It’s that simple. I do not expect to have a balance sitting in an account that I cannot use.


Hi and welcome. Whether we like it or not, we agreed to it when we signed up. Can’t you find another logo Seller? There are a lot of good ones.

As stated in the Terms and Conditions of Fiverr, which we all agreed to upon signing up (like @voiceoverwork said), all refunds and cancellations will be issued in the form of Fiverr credit. If you take a look a the TOS, you’ll see it in there.

  1. “Yes, but who reads the TOS”! sigh
  2. “But suppose things just didn’t work out…” Go on, we’re listening.
  3. “But I didn’t like the finished product!” Not only is this NOT a reason for a refund, but we’re still waiting for an explanation for the refund/credit policy not applying to you…

Reply to @cheezees: Oo, oo, I know! I know!

…4. “Because I didn’t read the TOS, and now that I know that I can’t get what I want, I don’t like the TOS! Therefore the TOS doesn’t apply to me. It’s that simple.”

Other users have already explained that you can use your Fiverr balance to buy other gigs, so just find another seller, agree with him before ordering of what must be produced and finally place an order!

Considering you didn’t read the ToS, I’d like to remember another point you could complain about: If you have funds in your account balance, it will be automatically applied to your next purchase, but only in the event that your balance covers the entire purchase amount.

Reply to @celticmoon: Hahaha! Sounds about right! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a balance of $12 and am trying to purchase $25 worth of gigs from one seller, but the checkout wants to make me pay all $25 from my selected payment method. Hence, my $12 credit is not being applied.

So how do I use my credit?

Reply to @agermanucf: It looks to me like you will have to spend $10 on a couple of gigs. Then you will have to sell a couple of gigs to round up the remaining $2 to $10 again. Then you will have to buy a couple more gigs.

Such is life in the netherworld known as Fiverr.

Yep I have a $10 pending out there. Most sites will refund your money…but another reason to not like fiverr!