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The guy who created my icons for me was awful - the icons he did for me are unusable and his communication skills are terrible (which I could deal with if the product was good!). I have messaged him twice asking for a refund - but he’s not ignoring me. The quality of his work was horrific, and I can’t believe I was conned out of $25 for this. Anyone have any ideas how to go about getting a refund through fiverr instead?!

Since he technically delivered the work (no matter how poor the quality) you may find it very difficult to claim a refund. You could get in touch with customer support but I bet they will tell you to work it out with the customer.

Sorry that happened to you. However, it’s unfair for someone not to get paid for work they did based on aesthetics since you have agreed to buy from him based on his portfolio. Did you try to reject the work?