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On April 28th I requested 5 gigs - Special offer = Got 6 gigs for 5 = Total $26 - There was $26 taken from my Visa card - I have no problem with that. But what I do have a problem with is that there was also another $5 taken from my Fiverr account on the same day for the same gig - So there was no special offer. $5 has not been refunded to my account.

Yesterday May 9th I sent a message to the seller outlining this - And guess what he has actually taken another $5 from my Fiverr account.

I feel very sad about this - I need some more gigs done - But I want this issue sorted out first.

Is’nt it unbelievable that its impossible to speak to a human voice at Fiverr to get this sorted


The seller is not at fault here! As kjblynx said this is a system error and you will need to contact support!