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I had an unused amount of 40$. Why do you have to keep it stuck in the account? Why don’t you just refund accordingly?

This is how fiverr works, you can use your credit to buy gigs.

as per the fiverr tos that you have agreed to, when a refund is received it is credited to the buyer’s shopping balance.

If refund policy should be like the way you described, every scammer would join fiverr, order a gig, get delivery and demand a refund and get the money back. In this way he can get a gig for free.
That is why fiverr has made these rules.

Hi, that is stated in Fiverr TOS which you agreed when joining Fiverr :slight_smile:

how can do this ?

What do you mean? What do you want to do?

You can only use the funds to purchase other gigs.

With the updates to the refund policy introduced in the last terms update back in november last year, it is possible to get a deposit refund but they are not automatic, you need to contact support and there might be a fee.
To read the updaes to the refund policy got to scroll down to Refunds

Reply to @animeboy Use the funds to order some gigs

Read the Terms of Use. this is standard.

One reason would be too many people would try to get free work. Way too many people scam new sellers as it is, if Fiverr where to do what you suggest, then anyone could come here get work done, cancel the job and get their money back. By making it go to Fiverr credit, it cuts down on that kind of scam.

Oh really? For me, it was the seller who cancelled her gig because it was the seller was busy with some party!!! Even if it is kept in the credit, it is OK but I can’t use the credit and there is no support. Sux

The other side of the coin for buyers cheating is fiverr doing the same!

Fiverr makes it difficult for users to use the credit. OMG!

Reply to @animeboy: That was just one reason why they would wnat to do it that way. It doesn’t cover all examples.

But you can use the credits when you buy your next gig. If the gig costs less than or equal to what you buy it will pay it automatically.

There are cases that people should be refunded their money that are legit reasons. My gig still has not been presented to me. The first logo was completely done in a wrong manner, no thought put into it and I have been waiting 3 weeks for a revised version. The seller has not even returned my last two messages even though she/he has been on-line. For this reason I should be receiving a full refund back onto my credit card. I don’t even know how to request for Fiverr to help me in receiving a refund except to talk to this person and hope for the best