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Refunded Payment Not Showing in Fiverr


Unfortunately, the transfer of payment was unsuccessful.
I talk to Payoneer team several times, according to payoneer the payment was sent back to fiverr. But I can’t see that payment in my fiverr account.
Please advise.


can you explain what exactly happened so we can help you more


If you couldnt withdraw your money no matter. That fund in your account yet :slight_smile:


Only CS can help you.
There is no user in the forum who can help you with this.


I withdraw the payment. and then in Payoneer while the payment was in process I accedently deleted the bank account and added another. later I received an email from payoneer that you ther transfer was unsucessful. then i called the payoneer.


First of all you should not touch anything when your payment is transferring to your bank thats cause the problem the payment got reverted to fiverr .
you will need to contact customer support tell them what happened they are the only people that can help you now