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Refunded to my fiverr account, would rather just have the money back

Not sure if this is located somewhere.

I recently purchased a gig from someone who after the allotted four days asked for a one day extension, telling me they really only needed a few hours. Fine. Hadn’t seen any rough work or anything, but I gave the extension. Then as the hours dwindled they messaged me and said they’d have to cancel and give me a refund.

The problem is the money didn’t go back on my credit card, it went onto my Fiverr account, which really isn’t what I wanted.

Did I miss an option box somewhere?


This is how it is.
you can re use the same credit to buy another GIG from another seller.


If you want the funds ( - processing fee ) to be returned to your credit card, you will have to contact CS.

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Hmm, odd. When I talked about mistake cancellations with support once, and why they are so bad when Fiverr loses no money from them, as the funds are returned to shopping balance. They mentioned that buyers have the option to return the money to the funding source. :thinking: Not sure if that’s for seller buyers, and that you need a withdraw method.