Refunding a completed order?



Anyone know how one can cancel/refund a completed order? :slight_smile: There is no option to do this after the gig has been delivered. Otherwise there’s always the “Having problems with this order or your buyer? Click Here” link.


The only thing i can think of is refunding them yourself via paypal. =/


Reply to @allysonmichelle: I think that fiverr doesn’t allow us to give any payment information such as paypal


Customer Support


Is there any better way to address that? Some people will ask for refund after an order has been completed and I feel that some with $5 can do that with many sellers, is there a way that fiverr can track this people?


Hey there !

Get in touch with the customer support team they are here 24/7 for you , explain you’d like to cancel the order and give a good reason. The order will be cancelled and the funds returned to the buyer. Beware though that ANY type of cancellation can affect things like levels in the future, but CS will be able to tell you more about this.




You should only give a refund in extreme circumstances. you should have a caveat emptor or buyer beware notice on your gigs. This alerts customers that once the gig is bought you do not give back $5 but will negotiate other terms.