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Refunding issue

amnaakram973 Today at 17:51

I have no Paypal account,bcz it doesn’t support and accessible in Pakistan but i have received the email from Paypal then why my money has transferred there, WHAT SHOULD I DO IN THAT CASE

These scam emails pretending to come from paypal are common. Ignore it, report it as spam and then move on with your life …


Thanks for replying coerdelon
But now my personal balance is zero. How I can take back my money… your answer will be highly appreciable for me…

Not sure I understand this. How could you have any money in a paypal account if you don’t actually have a paypal account?

And if you don’t have a paypal account, how is your personal balance zero … or anything at all?


I had a friend who was hacked and lost money here, on Fiverr. @amnaakram973 you should contact CS right away. They helped my friend sort it out.