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Refunding money back to my bank account from Fiverr [ARCHIVED]

I had to cancel a lot of orders lately due to sellers not responding to my concerns about the poor quality of work they’d delivered. Does any one knows how to send funds from your Fiverr account to your bank account?
What’s the process and what I need to do?

Isn’t that nice! People just hate to give money back, don’t they? That’s not a very friendly tactic, really, if you have a bad experience why would you WANT to do it again? I find that to be a bad business model. You see I believe that best business practices dictate that you ALWAYS do the RIGHT thing. You do the right thing even if it is not in the best interest of your pocketbook. Remember when manufacturers made things to be GREAT? Refrigerators used to have life expectancies of 16 years, and such? There was pride associated with products that were made WELL? Now a point of failure is “built in” to a product… why? because some greedy person promoted the idea that “this spurs the economy” (forces people to buy the product over and over) … I’m just saying this is a dumb way of doing anything, it’s a way of being greedy and dishonest, and those are qualities that I do not value. Just because others jump on that train it doesn’t make it acceptable and right. Doesn’t anyone remember the golden rule?

So basically Fiverr is saying that I paid almost $200 for a paper I never even received, not even poor quality or not answering in a timely manner, but I didn’t receive my paper AT ALL and you think im going to use that $200 on fiverr for a different assignment? you guys are out of your mind and extremely unprofessional

I see that you recently read and agreed to the terms but guess you missed the changes to this policy that were applied just around the time this old post was made back in late 2014.
Just skip down to the Refunds section in the terms