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Refunding to the client

I receiver a $100 order from a buyer. I worked for him too. The buyer also reviewed the delivery. But for a specific reason we mutually agreed and I want to refund my client now a $50. Is there any way to refund him the $50 USD? If so then how can I proceed to?
Expecting a accurate information on this issue.

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I need to know exactly what this reason is before I give an answer.

Did he say he was not happy with something and you want to refund half the money to him so he will leave a good review? You can’t refund part of the money from an order. There is no way to do this.

The reason is, While working on my client’s project, in the middle of the work/project he told me to stop there because he only then needed that half project and that was fine for him. And so I did half for him with his satisfaction. This is why he asked me to refund the half of the total project cost. Am I still unable to refund him?

As @misscrystal said, I don’t think you can refund part of the money. You may need to contact CS and see what they say. They might help you.