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I have a question for the general population. I recently placed an order for $45 to have something written. The original order was for $5 and then after the seller saw the work they mentioned that it would be an additional $40. The seller advised that they were from the U.S. but apparently after I got the written manuscript I saw that the seller could not be from the U.S. I requested a cancellation and the seller obliged however when the cancellation was done I only received $5 and not the remaining $40. I have contacted customer support but haven’t heard anything in the past 3 days does anyone know why this would be the case?



Hi and welcome.

Sorry to hear about that and as A Seller it concerns me.

I had a Buyer with a $5 gig. Then we agreed on an additional $20 for extra work.

I delivered the gig, got a great review, but have only been credited with the initial $5, and not the additional $20.

There is something going on with the Fiverr system when Buyers add Extras after the initial $5 Buy. I’ve had a ticket in to Support for over a week.


You can add a reply to your existing open support ticket and wait.

You can also check your platform to make sure a second time that you didn’t get refunded, however we’re just users like you and can only offer you limited advice!

Best Of Luck,

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