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Refunds! Disgusting peopel!


I have disclaimers in place that my t shirt designs are not guaranteed to sell, that by accepting files that they are aware that nothing is guaranteed,

It’s been a few days so the client is complaining that she is not an overnight millionaire

Can anyone confirm, that after 2 weeks, can they still opt for a refund? I’m guessing Fiverr will always favor the buyer, do I have any leverage? Or do I just have to take it?

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No, you don’t need to refund - the buyer could do a PayPal chargeback of course.

Why not speak to CS - they don’t always favour the buyer.


I think TOS say that the seller have to deliver the work according to requirements. Then the buyer can rate the quality of the work. If they don’t like it, but it still fulfills all requirements, then the buyer can leave a negative review but doesn’t have the right to ask for cancellation. So I don’t think they have any right to ask for cancellation.


Thanks for the response. The buyer left me 5-star feedback and telling me how great I was. But because it’s not made her a truckload of cash after 15 days after delivery, she wants a refund. So I am hoping Fiverr will be in my corner on this.

If I buy healthy food but I am still fat, I shouldn’t be able to get a refund from the super market


If 14 days have passed since the order was marked as complete, then I don’t think customer support can cancel this order. The buyer have to send a complain before the order money is cleared.

Another thing, why is this post hidden and being flagged by the community? It seems very normal to me.


Thanks mate, so to clarify, the order was marked as complete and 5 stars, 15 days have passed. But I’m pretty sure they would make up some excuse to get the refund back. The client has gone quiet now when i offered to help her. Let’s hope she will forget or get hit by a bus or something

Another thing, why is this post hidden and being flagged by the community? It seems very normal to me.

Lol yeah, subjective, but everyone get’s offended at everything these days I guess


It was flagged because the original post had some… colorful imagery lol.


As per the TOS, Customer Support can refund an order up to 30 days after it was delivered (they’ll deduct it from your balance if the funds have already cleared).

I’m sure they’ll side with you on this one.