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Refunds on cancellation & extras

Why don’t Fiverr sort out the cancellation process where when a gig is cancelled by mutual agreement the buyer gets back all of the funds? Surely it would be simple to refund on a total gig to customers basis rather that a simple transaction number with no relation to the extras bought at the time of ordering… Last time it took me 2 weeks and about 4 emails to get my full refund and now I’m having to go through the whole process again

I think there is a bug there… and probably will sort this out in the next update:)

Hope so… I agree that most of the emphasis should be on the selling process but the buyer is just as important or else there wouldn’t be a fiverr right?

Yeah right

Did you buy the extras at the same time when you bought the main gig? Or did you add them after?

This time I believe it was at the same time but ether way they should be linked to the purchaser/gig record