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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to know how I can refund a customer, there website is shut down after they purchased my gig. We need a website url to complete our gig. How can I refund this buyer?

Thanks Fiverr!

Hi! Why don’t you just dispute the order and choose an appropriate reason for cancelling the order? When the order is mutually cancelled, your buyer is refunded.

It seems a bit odd to me that a TRS is asking such a question, but maybe you’ve been lucky enough to avoid disastrous buyers up until now. The dispute initiation button is to the right hand side near the top and says something like “having issues with your order?”. Click on that, click a bit more and ask for a mutual cancellation.

If you delivered and the order completed prior to this issue, then arguably you’ve delivered, it’s theirs and you shouldn’t. You’re not responsible for someone else’s [etc].

Thank you!

But, they did accept the cancel, and now the clock is still running on the gig? Its been accepted, the customer is re-ordering the gig. Why is the old one still up?

Anyways, any idea what to do… Used to be able to cancel it right on page…not no more…

Our gig is amazing, we have no cancels or disputes. Lucky I think…lol