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Refuse buyers requests!

Hi, Fiverrs.

There is a customer I deal with, he always likes the service provided, he likes the results (Thanks a lot, I like the design … perfect design … amazing results …)

but when he writes a review he gives me 4.4 or 4.0 stars, I do not want to work with him anymore, can I refuse ? or let him know that I don’t want to work with again!

thanks .

Hi, its a difficult question. But still the best way is to talk to your buyer about the issue. Explain her at best that you have this specific issue with the feedback. Let her know that there is an option of revisions if she finds some problem with the design etc. another best way is to check for which section (communication, services as promised or recommendation) she is rating you low and ask her how can you improve your services. Hope it helps. Let me know if anything is not clear yet. Thank you.

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Open a dialogue with your buyer and explain what’s upsetting you. Although you can’t intimidate, you can always present your buyer with your concerns.


Some buyers don’t understand the importance of ratings. Some of them will look at it and think “Well, nothing’s PERFECT,” so they give you 4 stars thinking that is enough. I actually went after a buyer (in a kind way) because he gave me 4 stars for a project he was very happy with. He never responded. Also, on another note, I’ve learned not to remind buyers to leave a review. You never know what you’re gonna get. Thus, the 4-star I received. LOL


this really happens a lot. some buyers actually don’t know how important the ratings for a seller.
they just give a review in that way. you can talk with your buyer next time about this.

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Just send him a message that you don’t want to work for him anymore and that he will probably find another seller who fits his needs.