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Refuse to film a testimonial? Demoted + warning

I have stated in my gig in bold, and in gig requirements that I don’t provide video testimonials.

Even so, every few weeks somebody orders a video testimonial from me anyways. I always tell them I can’t deliver, it’s against ToS, I won’t cancel because it affects my seller rating, and offer to rewrite their script for free.

Enter Buyer: Sends a testimonial script. Agrees to let me rewrite it. Says he wants a “home background” nothing more, nothing less.

A couple of days later, he’s sending me intros and outros for his video. Demanding multiple edits and deliveries. The videos have watermarks, so I tell him how to send them to me without watermark, but he doesn’t do it.

I go ahead and deliver his order, writing in the comments that I don’t have the intro and outro to add but will add if he sends them to me.

For a variety of reasons he didn’t bother to communicate before ordering the video he isn’t happy with the delivery, key among them, he wanted a specific filming location within my home, but didn’t bother to tell me that. I’m on vacation now, so not much I can do. I first explain to him firmly that he hasn’t paid for or even requested any of these extra services, then offer to reshoot for him for free when I’m back. Instead he contacts support calling me abusive. I contact support and they say “I’m fine and my delivery is fine”

10 hours later, I’m demoted, I’ve received a warning for “manipulating my buyer” What does that even mean? They won’t specify how I manipulated the buyer by offering free services either.

Come on Fiverr. I follow your policies to the letter. This is absurd. I guess I’ll report my buyer to the FTC and stop making money for the next 30 days.


Sorry this happened to you. Take screenshots and contact CS explaining.


You definitely should contact fiverr CS right away and definitely send them a screenshot from their previous reply that you are fine and your delivery is fine. It might take them some time to deal with the issue and you might request somewhere in the middle to escalate this matter if you see that you are getting canned responses but I hope it will be fixed.

However in cases like this instead of adjusting the order you should go directly to CS and ask them to cancel that order because it violates fiverr TOS. Of orders violate TOS they are cancelling those orders without affecting your rating.


Thanks for the support guys. This happened during a series of flights to go on vacation and I couldn’t be more stressed about it. I did send Screenshots to CS. They won’t even tell me what order or misleading comment they are referring to at this point. I’m pretty sure I’m talking to a wall. I’ve asked them to point out specifically what they are talking about 3 times and all they can say is: it MIGHT not even be the order in question! What kind of foolery is this?

I’m not sure how I could possibly mislead a buyer about my own business, but OK fiverr. You do you.


This bit mght have been a problem, I imagine. I think we’ve had several sellers having an issue with telling buyers about how a cancellation or bad review affects them and it’s considered manipulation.

Just my thoughts to what it might have been, to maybe help not getting another warning or suspension by repeating it, not knowing the whole exchange between buyer and you, I can’t be sure, but this stuck out to me.
Of course I get your issue with this buyer. Hope you’ll recover from the demotion soon, many sellers posted that a demotion didn’t actually affect their business, so there’s that, too.


Someone might have seen this as an attempt at manipulation (doing work for free to avoid a bad rating).

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Thank miiila! I bet it is this, but for now they won’t say. This is my second warning related to a testimonial order, so I am really fuming. We need to be able to at least cancel orders that are against the ToS.

If this is it it’s so crazy. We can’t even enact our own policies about our work. Fiverr always wants us to offer these compromises and then penalises us for them.

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Maybe it’s that. It’s so strange, because I explained to the buyer in detail how the system works, and I offered to do the extra work for a reshoot fee, or when I get back from vacation for free.

I also asked the buyer to think about how they would handle it if somebody approached them demanding for work they couldn’t do. Maybe it was that. So weird because this is after the buyer said I was “abusive” in his report and tried to get me banned. I wonder if this buyer received a warning for ordering a testimonial… :roll_eyes:

As I mentioned before: you can. :point_down:

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LOL. Official response from Fiverr:

" Jenny (Fiverr Customer Support)

Oct 22, 3:35 AM EDT

Hi again, Kim,

Due to our Privacy Policy, we will not be able to disclose any information on the buyer in question. Our relevant team that issues warnings has reviewed your account thoroughly and they have decided to proceed this way. Please be informed that they operate discretely and Customer Support does not have insight into the progress and the reasons for their decisions. Therefore, we cannot possibly comment on the explanation they gave for this case.

Also, Customer Support cannot manually remove the warning. Please bear in mind that warnings are meant to remind users who were noted to have made some offense in the past, to pay attention to their behavior.

As long as you take care of your customers, pay attention to their needs and make sure you provide the best service possible, there shouldn’t be further issues regarding this warning.

Hope this information helped.

Kind regards"

I still have no idea what they are talking about.

I couldn’t reply directly to you before, but they stopped cancelling the orders without affecting my rating awhile ago. I don’t know why.

I was at 91% completion and all of my cancellations were from testimonial or “accidental” buyers.

It is what it is. The thing we can do is accept what they say is correct and fine. I had such a warning in the past and I got mad on customer supports’ statements because I knew who I am and what I did where CS is not letting me raise evidence. Even I did, they don’t care. The thing only they care about is what was in your chat with the buyer., the reset is totally their decision. Sometimes it comes in handy, sometimes it isn’t maybe like in this case. It’s logical because they are humans too. humans make mistakes.

That’s why I said, “It is what it is”. Be brave to avoid such situations further. :slightly_smiling_face:

Main problem is: they won’t tell me what the violation was in the first place, so how can I possibly avoid it in the future?


For all of these orders, did you email Customer Support and asked them to manually cancel? As opposed to creating a Mutual Cancellation in the Resolution Center?

I ask because cancellations made yourself (via the Resolution Center) will, to the best of my knowledge, always result in your stats taking a hit. Cancellations created by Customer Support usually do not.

They won’t always cancel for you - but in cases where it’s clear that the buyer is at fault and not you (like your’s are) then they would most likely agree.

I’m not sure, but this could be the reason.

As you explained the whole scenario I don’t see any violation other than this they might get to identify as a violation. Usually when there is a ToS violation, You’ll get an email explaining why, didn’t you get such?

Yes. I was emailing customer support and asking for a manual cancellation due to the orders violating ToS in the past. At first they would do it without affecting my cancellation rating as long as I reminded them after. I would say 70% of the time it didn’t affect my cancellation rating. Then suddenly CS started saying all cancellations would reflect on my rating. That is when I started with this policy of modifying testimonial scripts to spokesperson scripts for free instead of cancelling the orders. Of course we all know the buyer can just cancel it themselves, but this solution benefits everyone, or so I thought.

Usually fiverr incentivizes us to work with buyers to keep the order alive by any means necessary. So this I really don’t get. And the fact that they won’t explain to me specifically what policy I violated and how, seems really fishy. They won’t even say what order it is related to. I had a huge month on fiverr, I have no idea what they are talking about.

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I did get an email but there was no specific explanation. Just a form letter. It wasn’t even clear if I was said to be manipulating the buyer or fiverr system. It simply said:

Hi kimberlysvideos, To create a fair and respectable marketplace, we ask that you do not try to manipulate or find workarounds to ‘trick’ our system. This is improper behavior and a violation of our Terms of Service. This is your second warning therefore you are not eligible to achieve a level one seller badge for the next 30 days. If you continue to violate Fiverr’s TOS, your account will be suspended. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out at Thanks! The Fiverr team

I have no idea why they included to contact support because support said nothing. They just accused me of “manipulating a buyer” or saying something untrue or that I was unsure about?

The best thing you can do is just move on. You aren’t going to get a proper response from support unless you’re willing to get banned and maybe even not then.

Just leave it, move on and enjoy your vacation.

Oh, the guess of @catwriter seems correct. They just identified your behavior as a manipulation of the system. If you aren’t willing to do what the buyer asks weather or not it is ToS violation, you have to cancel the order. by cancelling such orders by informing CS may stop your drop in order completion rate.

Possibly. We’re strictly forbidden to make buyers feel bad about the rating they gave us (that’s manipulation), so I suppose that making buyer feel bad about the order would be forbidden for similar reasons.

This whole thing is awful, because these rules were put in place after way too much abuse of the system, and now those who have never abused the system suffer the consequences, too.

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