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Refused to help me because...? [ARCHIVED]

*********** promises the moon…that is until you request a quote as per their gig request. I wanted the whole deal, and was willing to pay top dollar, but not now. They were very rude and unprofessional.

I am guessing my questions were going to expose them as the frauds I think they are, thus they cut off communication after I asked for simple justification of their refusal. All I want to do is to promote our new toy and my crowdfunding campaign.

I say BUYER BEWARE…everyone on here knows that you can get your friends and family to buy your gig to run up your rating.

It is always a good idea to contact the sellers that you have not ordered from before and throw at them a few queries to see how professional and dedicated they are to providing what they promised in their gigs.

Well, I don’t know…was your line of questioning particularly belligerent? Sometimes I just don’t want to work with someone and I have a cookie-cutter response that is super-polite and professional, but very so often I get a screech in reply from a harridan who thinks I shouldn’t be advertising myself on Fiverr if I can’t fulfill their basic (read: insane) request.

And yes, I paid for ALL of my reviews! They’re quite good, aren’t they?

A lot of time people who offer to pay ‘top dollar’ are the most difficult to work for. i.e. they want something which a seller is not actually offering or are, but the buyer needs heavily customized work. Worse, some buyers simply can’t communicate what they want. In this case, maybe put what you want as clearly as possible in writing and send your proposal to some new sellers. I mean there are quite a few of us…

Swing and a miss there kiddo…

It took you over one month to come up with that retort? Smooth.

I am guessing that your interview of them came across as aggressive and distrustful.
They still should not have been rude.

This sounds threatening and unpleasant:
"I am guessing my questions were going to expose them as the frauds I think they are"
so one can’t blame them for cutting off communications.

This is not a comment on if they are frauds or not, just that you came across as menacing.

Top dollar generally means $10 instead of the magical $5…

If this was about a certain nameless seller who HATES pre-order messages, reading the aftermath would be interesting. :slight_smile:

I am sure he would write some fast copy in response :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol lol. Does someone have to separate you two?

He looks like a big scary intimidating guy just wearing a Hawaiian shirt. I would step back too from big show Jr.

Wanting a “justification of their refusal” sounds like someone I too would stop communicating with.