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Refuses to cancel order. and nothing from Support

I posted a job to a seller, granted her access to the relevant platforms and website then asked her for a quote. She gave me a quote which I accepted then immediately afterwards she pressed me for more money. She declared that she and her “team” had been “working tirelessly” and found that the job was much bigger than she’d realised. The woman and her “team” hadn’t done a thing! I told her that I regarded her conduct as unethical and to cancel the order. She refuses to cancel the order and Fiverr Support still hasn’t responded after six days. I’m stuck with my money in escrow having to monitor the situation because she’s claiming that she’s delivered the service! I have a record of dozens of happy sellers over seven years of work with Fiverr. Where is Support? What am I supposed to do with this woman?

Did she delivered the delivery you guys promised in the contract? It is up to you whether to give her more or not. If she hadnt delivered the work like agreed, keep trying ot cancel the order. After two request of cancellation, fiverr itselfs take action. CS are taking 10 days to respond now adays. Let me know more about the order