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Regain my earlier position on search


after 10 days of hard working and continuous contact with fiverr support i regain my position on fiverr search.thanks to fiverr support.


Good evening!
Were you stuck on the last page too?
Is there any useful advice from CS to avoid it?
My gigs are on the 31st page since January, and they don’t move.


@stralight7523 Congrats!
Please describe How it possible? What was the process? We will be benefited by your success story.


1.use seo related words on your gigs.
2. do not frequently edit your gigs.once in a month.
3. follow search filters ( what are those filters and rearrange your gigs services according to that.
4.Arrange some likes and visits on your gigs.
thats it.


I’m so happy for getting help from you. It is very helpful. Thanks a lot.