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Regarding a seller

Hello I’m trying to find a seller for a very important order and I found one level 2 seller. He sent me custom offer for his other gig and said don’t worry about the title. Also he seems to be very confident as he’s barely replying to my requirements properly. Should I place the order?

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I wouldn´t if I were you. I would find another seller who can communicate more properly to my requirements. I don´t know what you requirements are, some orders don´t need too much explanation, some orders do. But it´s all up to you.


Okay so I wanted business cards to be designed and he made me place order on one of his logo design gigs and said don’t worry about title. Damn I’m damn sure I fell for a scam.

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Maybe the seller can do more than just making a logo? But you can only know if you have been scammed or not after the seller delivers your order. When is it supposed to be delivered?

Business cards…

I contacted him for his business card gig and he sent me to his logo design gig and said don’t worry about title.

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Okay if that´s the case I wouldn´t worry (yet). I mean, the business card gig and the logo gig are under the same seller, right? So, don´t worry (yet).


Okay Let’s see what happens.

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I would assume the seller is trying to get more reviews on the logo gig. Maybe the logo gig is new?


@vapeskorea That´s what I thought too (if that´s the case then the seller is slightly trying to cheat the review system and that´s not cool). But still, I wouldn´t worry (yet) coz who knows, maybe the seller will deliver a good work per @zeeshan_tirmizi ´s order, regardless what gig whatsoever the order was placed under.

Yeah I also think so. The business card gig has 127 reviews and logo gig has less than 30 reviews.

I would not accept the logo gig offer. What if I don’t like the delivery and things get sideways? The seller will have the advantage of you ordering the “wrong” thing, possibly turning that against you in case of trouble.

And what if the seller does this to “protect” his biz card gig’s reviews in case of a negative from you? That’s circumventing the system (hence the “ignore the title” thing, they want to ‘manipulate’ the system in their favor)

Plus, business cards are important, a sensitive matter, I wouldn’t work with a seller who isn’t up for clear communication to get things straight and avoid any misunderstandings.

Can I cancel the order now?

You could cancel the order, but I think you’d need a valid reason to tell your seller why you’re cancelling…

If the seller doesn’t deliver the order as per my expectations then can this backfire on me when cancelling after delivery?

Well, I cannot respond on that because there are too many possibilities of things going wrong, or not…


Also, as a general rule, if I want a biz card from a seller, I will request them to send an offer to their biz card gig, I will not accept another gig, because some buyers have bills and records that must show clearly what they ordered in black & white.

I would also ask your seller why they wanted me to ignore their title…

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Damn he’s making me peaced off.
First he said this - Hi :slight_smile:

Im out of the residence now. I’ll nlbe back to you soon.

Have a great day!

He was still online on Fiverr whole day so I messaged him after some hours then he sent me templates for business card. I tried to discuss about it then he said,

Okay. I’ll meet you later.

After few hours he said,

Hey friend :slightly_smiling_face:

Do you have a logo? I think you missed to attach here.

** But at the time of placing order I already sent him logo and sai**d if it’s gonna work then he said,

I checked it. No problem, so let’s get started. Did you checked my packages?

I tried to contact CS for cancelling order they said the order is not eligible to be cancelled.

I think I just lost my time, effort and money. Moral of story - Don’t trust level 2 badge blindly smh.

How come?

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Hi Zeeshan,

Thanks for your message.

I am sorry that you feel this way, however, the order was placed just recently. It is not eligible to be cancelled from our end as the seller is yet to deliver and are quite responsive.

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