Regarding Buyers Request


Can somebody please tell me if we can attach a file or a picture while responding to a buyers request? Something that is related to the request and can help us in getting the order…


No you can’t I’m afraid - there’s no attachment button.

However, you can send them to your gig to view your gig images etc., or any of the allowed links listed here:


No, you can’t because there currently isn’t an option to add files while attending to buyer requests. I hope Fiverr adds this function soon but for now, you would have to wait for the buyer to contact you before sharing such files


oh right thanks for helping :slight_smile:


yeah I hope so… thanks:)


I thought you can, as when ever i write the descriptions i see little attached icon,

I am seeing things which are not there:thinking:?? I just saw food on my table is that real??

I think i do need see the doctor.

Joke apart i actually i did see that icon. May be i am wrong


haha…well did u ever try it?


Hmm… okay, maybe you really can see the future of Fiverr


maybe they should consider our suggestion lol


It will bad, don’t you think so?? Because if i am seeing things which are not there and than i see the fiverr future.

That’s simply means there is no fiverr in future :wink:


Please, don’t see that.


I was actually thinking of using it. But i am getting the response on the line (2-4%). That’s why i thought why do it.
Good chunk of buyer request are not from serious people – I want to state that’s my openion


I think you should start a new topic on this. Send me the link and I’d respond there.


haha right. I am not even getting response so thats why I was thinking about something i could do as an addition