Regarding cancellation


Hi everybody, I just had a buyer purchased my gig last weak but he didn’t put the instruction asked at first so i messaged him using “buyer’s not responding” asking him to fill the information required. He didn’t respond till now and yesterday i checked his account if he got busy somewhere and i found him registered as new seller. Now he is selling the same niche gig which i am selling. I don’t have any problem or issue on what he is selling but as i got to know from other seller here cancellation can lower your rating. Please suggest me what can i do here.


Nah, I have gigs that people have paid for over 6 months ago and since they haven’t updated the information it still sits there. As long as it says “buyer waiting to supply information” or whatever it says, there is no danger of cancellation :slight_smile:



@ryangillam thanx for replying… is there any time factor involved in such issues?


If he hasn’t updated the gig and thus the ‘clock’ hasn’t started it would be his loss. He has already paid!


@ryangillam LOL this is strange. Atleast fiverr earning some interest on that money :stuck_out_tongue: