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Regarding Disputes (Seller's Perspective)

Started My Fiverr career in May 2018, it has been 2 years. After a long time, I am writing I thought this issue needs to be listened, not ignored.
With all respect to Fiverr Sellers and Buyers, this is getting out of limit.
Fiverr has a very good policy, in a few months recent events after delivering an order, dispute ratio has increased by very much.
As Fiverr themselves claim in one of their statement “This way, you can be reassured that you will get paid for your hard work.”
After you work for a long period of time, when you see cancel without any valid reason, this can be an irritation. And that can get multiplied when “@fiverrsupport” ignores the fact.
My suggestion to Fiverr Support before cancelling an order they should check carefully if a buyer’s claim is valid enough. (No offence to anyone or to hurt) this issue is getting to another level of scam.
Because without listening or notifying a seller or checking proofs, Fiverr Support cancels the order.
I know my frustration because this issue needs to be looked at carefully. Because when an order gets cancelled without my consciousness that can directly mean “I am the one who is guilty” - but without taking any testimony Fiverr can’t do this.
In recent events, Fiverr Support staff marks issues as solved without looking into a matter properly.
See, getting a refund or accepting Fiverr Faults doesn’t’ makeup because why should a seller be harassed after an agreement.
Comment Below if anyone has faced these troubles and how have dealt that or it is unresolved?
Note: These are true facts, and we all want our marketplace to be safe and scam-free as Fiverr has promised. (Because now you have to bear a tension when your order gets cancelled without any notification).


In this case, you should contact the CS Team with all the evidence you have that proves you have completed the work. I believe fiverr repay the seller even the buyer is a fraud.


Yes I have contacted them, the issue is more deep, why Fiverr will cancel an order when you have the proofs? Why don’t they give a chance for the seller before. Why should a seller bear these hassles!

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Fiverr does not maintain a “dispute ratio” as any sort of public metric.

There is ALWAYS a reason for cancellation, and that reason is clearly listed at the bottom of every cancelled order. A message will tell you exactly why that order was cancelled.

I can understand your frustration, however, Fiverr CS is not required to provide specifics on the actions of buyers, as they relate to your order. In fact, this appears to be their policy – they don’t tell you these kinds of details, for security reasons. If they told the specific details of things like this – from the buyer’s end – they run the risk of angry sellers going after the buyer and harassing them. Fiverr doesn’t want that, so they intentionally do not share specifics about the buyer’s actions.

This is inaccurate. Fiverr has access to lots of information you – as a seller – will never know. They do use this information to make judgements in disputes. Just because you are frustrated with a certain action, does not mean Fiverr isn’t “checking proofs”. And, as noted, they’re not going to “information you”, for security reasons.

Fiverr likely doesn’t “take testimony” since they would have to endure angry demands from buyers and sellers, and that would make things harder for them. They can see everything that is written in an order discussion, and they have metrics that likely assist them as well. They are not randomly making decisions to cancel orders. They know what they are doing, and they have valid reasons for doing so.

And how do you know they haven’t looked into a matter? They don’t need to inform you of their process. They deal deal with thousands of issues like yours. They know how to “look into a matter properly”. The way you may want something resolved, may not be the actual “proper way”.

Fiverr is not “at fault” if they choose to take an action you don’t like. It is Fiverr’s right – here on Fiverr’s site – to take the actions THEY feel are most appropriate. You can certainly appeal, but if they close a ticket, that’s your answer. They are not going to argue the issue with angry sellers. A closed ticket usually means that the matter is closed, and you are going to have to learn to accept that. We can’t always have the answer we want.