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Regarding FEEDBACK

I have a client whose work I have finished a couple of days ago. I message him two times in the last couple of days to provide feedback, my message was:

"Hello, hopefully, this will find you all well. I hope you have liked the work, if this is so, please provide your valuable feedback. "

Should I remind him third-time to provide his valuable feedback or it would go against Fiverr policies?

Please guide.

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You should not have done it the first time either. It can lead to a warning eventually.

“Do not manipulate buyers to provide positive feedback.”


I just asked for valuable feedback not the positive feedback.

If it is ok if I write “Please provide your valuable feedback” only, instead of combining it with “if you like it etc”?

No, you can still get warned for that. Buyers are already reminded by Fiverr to leave a review two times, so they know that the option exists.

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Ok not got it. It means I should never ask for feedback at the first place, it should be completely at the buyer’s discretion to provide feedback or not, I must not ask. THANK YOU!!

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Do not ask for feedback, Fiverr doesn’t like that and can lead to you receiving warnings.

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