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Regarding Fiverr revenue withdrawal


Can I withdraw a part of my Fiverr revenue?
For ex. : Like I have 400$ in Fiverr account and don’t have any account linked. So, can I withdraw just 100$ from my account by linking PayPal account.
Please explain in detail.


Withdrawals can only be made in the amount available to you.

The above is from the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


I have all 400$ available to withdraw. Can I withdraw only 100$?
Pending clearance is 0$


Nope - all or nothing I’m afraid.


@hire_us Frustrating, isn’t it? I’d love to only withdraw part of my Fiverr earnings.


Out of curiosity, why? I used to prefer to hold part of my earnings so I could buy gigs without a processing fee, but now there is a fee so I just use PayPal if I buy a gig. I’m wondering what benefit people would have in leaving a portion of funds in Fiverr. I actually kind of think it’s more risky to do so.


There isn’t any risk keeping the funds in the Fiverr. But yes we think that the Fiverr shouldn’t charge extra fees when buying a Gig from the Fiverr balance


My main point was in wondering why people want to do partial withdrawals under the current system. As far as risk, I do see risk in keeping funds in Fiverr. If something happens that causes an extended outage or there is an account issue, the funds would be unavailable.


As we are working with the Fiverr full time, we should have the trust on the Fiverr. If we don’t break their terms of services, they never do any damage for us. So there isn’t any combination between the Fiverr charges and keeping the funds in the Fiverr. These are different 2 things