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Regarding getting more orders

I have 6 active gigs but not getting many orders, Could someone please advise me the techniques of getting more orders? as i have decided to invest full time on fiverr.


Try and get your feedback percentage a bit higher so you can use buyer requests - you need a 90% score to be able to do this. :sunny:


If you have indeed decided to invest full time on Fiverr, then I would suggest investing some quality time into reading the » UpYour posts series « written by one of the Forum Moderators.

You’ll find so many ways to boost your sales, to promote yourself and your services, and to get through the sales slump :wink:


Thanks, looking forward to reading more, can you tell me what would be the appropriate videos to attach on gigs based on cold calling/data mining/script writing?

yes, I am actually waiting for that opportunity.thank you

I think you should promote your gigs in social media.

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Are you saying its effective?

Why are you waiting? Take action and go find you customers. Market. Promote. Don’t just sit back and wait for people to magically find your gig. Please take responsibility for your success, and do things that improve your gigs, bring in new customers, and set yourself up to deliver great work that earns top reviews.

You’ve gotta get up, get moving and DO SOMETHING if you want to be successful.

Waiting isn’t going to get you anywhere.


Don’t do this mistake.

It’s not a mistake. It just requires the person to plan better, and understand what they are getting into. The lure of being your own boss is enticing, but most people don’t stop to realize that there’s actually hard work required – on a daily basis. They just see the dream of the riches and wealth that so-called “gurus” keep telling them about.

The truth is, though, there is no wealth, and there are no “I can buy a yacht” riches. Full-time freelance work requires MORE work than being employed by a company.

Most people just don’t want to accept the work, and just want the fictional wealth.

That’s not how freelancing – even here on Fiverr – works.

No work, no hope of success.


I mean, don’t be fully dependent on your earnings on Fiverr.

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Some people do. Because they make enough to live on. :wink:

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Alright …:laughing:

Don’t worry. You’ll get more orders. :slight_smile:

may I ask why not? I heard some rumors on the street that one man can earn up to hundred grands a month here.

Hi, nice to meet you. i’m also new here, and still figuring out how things work.

Laugh if you must, but I am serious. YOU may not be successful when it comes to sales, but I do know Fiverr sellers (some personally, myself included) who work on Fiverr full-time. It is true. It does happen.

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Waiting for couple of completed orders review which will make it 90% hopefully, Thank you

Like I said, don’t wait. Go out and find those sales. :wink:

Are you sure? :slight_smile: