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Regarding getting more orders

Hello Markus, Yes thats what I am doing too "figuring out’. I believe in this quote " first learn how to do it, then do it better than everyone’

Haha sure man,Cheers! :slight_smile:

I find your dismissive attitude toward success disturbing.

You want success, you ask how for “techniques of getting more orders”, and then you dismiss my serious encouragement that you work hard for that success. This does not bode well for your future here on Fiverr.

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How to get orders I am trying for last 6 month but no response from the audience

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Have you read the forum topics where this question has already been answered dozens of times? I recommend you do that, rather than expecting us to answer this same question yet again.

You have the ability to read and research. Please be willing to use those skills to learn how to be successful on your own. We cannot do your work for you.

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Thanks very much, Noted! :slight_smile: