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Regarding Gig extras

So, I have a question. I just got an order and for the first time, the customer bought the rights to my ebook. That costs $40…YAYYYY! my question is …is this counting as 8 five dollar gigs? so They take $8 or does this count as “one unit” where they take a dollar?

Thanks all! and yippee for me!

20% of total amount. $40 - $8 (to Fiverr) = $32 (to you).

oh cool thanks for letting me know! so if I had a $100 order they get 20…keep reminding myself they have to make money, advertise and maintain the site, but to a point I think they should take less so say…20% up to a set amount and after that 10% so maybe take $15 if the order goes over 100…any hoo just glad they are around and the support is excellent!

cool ty! I really do like it here and the support is awesome so far! Also, working with/“for” other sellers is really getting the ball rolling for me!