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Regarding Gig Ranking & Marketing

Hi All,
I am new in Fiver , but my account 2 years olders, as I’ve not working in these times. I want help others to know, should I continue older account or create new? maxmimum advised me its not problem, continue an older id. Now I have 5 Gig, but its view, impression too much low. I have some question, please help me.

  1. I find many tutorial in google, that after made gig, its should be short link and share twitter, fb, and others place. but I find another tutorial, who told that, there no need to share, and its may spam and ur account will be banned, he give importance in making good keyword, good tag, title etc. he told its auto ranking by fiveer. He got job only one week in this way. It is right? should I marketing or making better gig?

  2. I am not getting enough buyer request, only 5-6 . But have seen already applied 19-20 person on this job, though I applied this job , after sometimes the job was vanish. So how can I got more buyer request and asap?

I think Im right place . Please give me the best suggestion.