Regarding Interviews Update - They called me?!


Hello there. I applied for a job in my city and despite having a good interview, I was rejected by that company. What could possibly go wrong? This was my first job interview.


If you believe that you had a good interview then I think it is worthwhile contacting one of the interviewers politely and asking if there was something specific that they wanted to see that you could work on. I have often had people do that over the years and when it is done politely, it gives a good impression of the person. It can also show them your professionalism, desire to improve and motivation which always impresses people - if the person they hired does not work out then you are leaving them with an added good impression which may get you a call back.

There are so many factors that come into choosing people and I believe traditional interviews are an awful way to hire.
There may have been someone in mind already - friend, relative etc
Someone else may have had more experience than you.
The answers you gave may have been good but just not what they were looking for.

Don’t let it get you down though, I have done a huge amount of interviews and interviewing and it really is a case that the more you do, the better you get at them. Take each one as a learning curve and as you do more you will grow more confident in what you say and how you act in them.


It may very well be that the position has been filled and they no longer need someone for that position.

I’d continued to look for other opportunities!


Did you know that some people get rejected by a company because they are over-qualified? No kidding.


My point is, I hope you didn´t get discouraged by the experience you got. It´s good that you are asking yourself what could possibly go wrong, that means you have the will to improve. Keep it up!


Thanks alot fitrig you’re so kind. :sob::sob::sob:


Yes I’m still very disappointed though but I’ll look for more.


Wow this is the best advice I’ve ever received. Thanks eoin I’ll take it as a learning experience.


What alternative interview formula do you prefer as opposed to traditional?


It really needs to be something related to the job, it’s difficult to define what makes a good interview but those within an industry should be able to come up with something better than the Q&A, box ticking sessions that typically make up an interview - especially when they are combined with the ridiculous CV selection using software that scans for specific words and phrases…


Well, in terms of tradition- nothing beats the stock standard, guttural instinct, conversation among professionals. There doesn’t need to be a homogenized script with a number system.

I used to frequent a coffee house that hovered in the middle of a busy business district. Often times youthful execs would invite their potential candidates to the cafe and begin grinding out these manufactured, pseudo psychology questions.

I literally heard a guy in a power tie ask, “Do you consider yourself an Elvis or Beatles person?”

After the interview (and after the bland answering interviewee had left) I asked the guy, “what was the point of your Beatles question?”

“I wanted to know if he was an alpha or a beta. Does he take charge or does he peacefully demonstrate?”

“Right,” I said “so he’s a Beatles guy…you know who else was a Beatles guy? Mark David Chapman. There was a real go getter for being a beta. Charlie Manson too…”

Hopefully he revamped the strategy.


I pretty much agree with everything you said - the issue is that this doesnt happen much any more.
With professional HR people who have never worked within the rest of the company, they tend to have little understanding of what is actually required and (sorry to any who are reading) an inherent need to justify their own existence which they tend try do with the type of questions in your story.


And worse yet is the administering of example questions.

"If you and another employee were the only two people present… and you saw this employee engage in activity that would benefit them at the financial detriment of the company… and you had already looked on your google machine to verify that hotels in Morocco were virtually slammed to capacity, thus rendering it useless to blackmail this employee to the tune of seventy-five percent of their thievery… even though you clearly owe a gambling debt to a Hungarian, former bounty hunter, named “Mickey Brass-Hands” … do you:

A) Call Human Resources
B) Tell the employee you’re performing tests of trust … and once their back is turned put them in the cobra clutch
C) Obviously extort them for the money but cut in someone up the food chain to be "fair and all…“
D) Not really say anything but act all creepy at the annual Christmas party to wig the guy out”


They called me and said a team leader wants to interview me. Donno why they called back and I’m scared af. What should I keep in mind while going there? Can’t mess up this is a big opportunity.


@zeeshan_tirmizi The most important thing is to keep calm. When you are calm, you will be able to answer their questions or talk with them in your best manner and you will be able to think better and your mind would not be ˝foggy˝ (supposedly). Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Best of luck!
As somebody who sometimes does hiring, know that it’s not always something you might have done wrong. By the time I get to the interview stage, I’ve chosen the top few candidates that I think will be successful in the job. However, sometimes it is really hard to choose. Candidates can be equal in strengths and weaknesses. The person/s who didn’t get job offer could have been a great employee, and did nothing wrong, but I can only choose one.

Be confident! :slight_smile:


You never know it was a good interview until they offer you the job. Besides, it might not even be you. Maybe they offered the job to someone else before your interview, and that person took his time accepting.

The business world is super picky, every job requires experience. Even so-called “entry level” positions are asking for 2-years of experience. Walmart requires a 30 minute assessment tests that’s designed to fail most people.

Anyway, don’t get discouraged, if this was your first interview ever, that means you’re young, you might have to do many interviews until you find a job. Just remember this, interviews are easy, all you have to do is talk about yourself and how good you are. Keeping the job is hard.


Remember that they called you so something about you or your last interview has caused that.
Go back, be yourself, listen to what they ask, answer what they ask and also ask questions about the role and the company.
Good luck!


Update - I got selected for it! Interviewer asked some off topic questions like how was your school experience and are you religious but still overall interview went fine. I’m joining this Monday and it might be end of my freelancing journey.

I’ll keep you updated with situation! Thanks alot everyone for helping out. You guys are the best!


Excellent, congratulations!
Getting a job from your first/second interview is really impressive. Glad it worked out for you.