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Regarding Order Cancellation


Its high time Fiverr should take steps against the PayPal chargeback of the buyers.
I have completed an order on time 30 days back, the buyer put a negative review on it, however, marked it complete. Now after 30 days he came back and had a 100 percent refund.
As a result, i left with a negative review and a zero revenue from my 10 days effort.

Isnt it quiet inhuman?


No - there’s lots of stuff going on in the world that can be described in this way, but it’s a bit over the top for a PayPal chargeback.

There isn’t really much Fiverr can do about PayPal chargebacks - they’re acting as an intermediary between the buyer and PayPal, they’re not actually the payment processor.

It is unfair when this happens, but it would probably have felt worse if the buyer had left a positive review and then done a chargeback.

Have a word with CS and see what they say. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s not. Afterall the negative review and chargeback were done by a human.

Just try to contact CS as @offlinehelpers as said.


When a human represents out of order behavior that calls inhumanity


I have already contacted CS, Is there any chance they could help me regain the amount?


Getting a refund for poor work is not inhuman.

Your buyer should have cancelled the order and got a refund that way, but they were obviously not happy with your work - sorry. :slightly_frowning_face:


If they are not satisfied with the work after delivering according to their basic requirement that shouldn’t be of my concern, also Fiverr never have had canceled it after reviewing the work and all. it was individuals debut order on Fiver and he was quite out of clue what to expect. i can see his account is already banned by Fiver


Fiverr disables any account from which a chargeback was performed - this is an automated process.


Atleast they do something!


Two words - customer service.


That’s it, Fiverr will not allow a sinner to go unpunished


I know but when the sin leaves an enormous impact which is tragic


Losing a family member, a pet, a dreadful accident is tragic.

A PayPal chargeback sadly goes with working on Fiverr - take the rough with the smooth! :slightly_smiling_face:


Here are the losses i am bearing here
1.240 in revenue
2.A negative review
3. Order completion rate dropped down to 88% when having an evaluation in 5 days

Undoubtedly i consider it as a dreadful accident


I agree it’s wrong it’s happened the way it has, and PayPal chargebacks aren’t good for anybody, but it’s not the end of the world!

Please try and put it into perspective. Have a word with CS and see what they can do. Good luck! :sunny:


Thanks for your words.


Am sorry this happened to you, but it all Fiverr’s duty to decide what to do. Contact them.


Thanks, That’s another issue i contacted CS 5 hours back still waiting for their reply


Wanted to lighten the burden a bit by interacting


That’s good, a little chat sometimes helps take away unwanted thoughts.