Regarding PAYPAL FOR WITHDRAWALS | I am afraid


Couple of minutes ago , I found Out this section In My account. And Have no idea what is this. I never added any paypal account . I dont Have any paypal Account.

Is there anyone please suggest me, What is this about . My heart is beating :cupid:

I am really worried about It .

Thank you so much … waiting for your valuable suggestion :eyeglasses:


Just contact CS directly and remove that email address from that field and hit save !


I did not able to remove, I tried but Did not. No options in here. Did you check your account also


My account is fine…
I had disabled Paypal in my account and it is impossible for anyone to unlink my Payoneer account so, I am safe. Btw just add 2-3 more security questions for now.


I really Have no idea , Who added this. And thanks for your suggestion, I did all of security questions and answers added


Please contact with Customer Support Regarding this issue. And Immediate change your all login details with security question. Thanks