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Regarding Removal of Negative Feedback

Hello ,

I am new on Fiverr & I got first order on fiverr from a buyer on my logo design gig on 22 march 2016. Unfortunately I”m not in the city that time & not in access with internet. That’s why Unable to respond buyer & result to cancelled order & I got Negative Feedback saying that “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!”

When I come back to my home town & seen that cancelled order I Regretted so much then I contact this buyer, asked for apology & offer him extra services, he order me again on the same gig & this time I complete his order as per their requirement & give him good service & experience & he give me a good rating & positive review on the same gig.

And because that one Negative feedback my rating is below 90% & I won’t be able to log new buyer request.

Kindly Help me what should I do.?

Somebody help me Please

Thanks & Regards


There is nothing you can do about it. If your buyer cancels the order due to late delivery, the system automatically leaves a negative review.

Hello Sarjeel, as your orders increase and your overall rating improves you should be able to apply for buyer requests. Unfortunately, you may need to wait for organic orders or promote your gig elsewhere and receive more orders and get positive reviews to stable your account.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thanks for info .

Hello, sorry this happened!

It is common for this to happen to new sellers. Ask customer support if there is anything that can be done, and tell them why it happened. It is worth trying this.

I think they would remove it if it can be shown that the buyer is happy with the work, and it was all just an accident–I mean, if you get no orders for ages and ages you’re not exactly going to be checking in daily are you? Anyway looks like the problematic review has been deleted so Sarjeel was lucky!

Thanks for the support I contact customer support & they understand my problem
& they removed it.

Thanks for the support .
But Here is good news I contact Customer Support & they understand my problem
& they removed it.