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Regarding software/app/website developers and programmers

Hi all

I am working towards creating a gig as an app developer on Fiverr. I went through a lot of posts on buyer and seller experiences as far as software/app/website development and programming is concerned.

I noticed that the biggest problem, besides understanding what the client wants with their product, seems to be developing and delivering a working product on time which has the functionality that the client wants.

Software/app/website development and programming takes a lot of time. There is also software development life cycles that have to be taken into consideration. Considering that each cycle has a variable time frame, what would be the best way to accomodate each cycle as a separate gig? Sometimes a cycle can last more than 30 days. Is it possible to have gigs longer than 30 days with milestones?

From what i’ve read, working on a single project also drops the gig’s ranking. Working on multiple gigs will cause problems to deliver a working product on time.

Also, I am not sure how to categorize each cycle in the software development life cycle as a separate gig. Does anyone have any suggestions for creating software/app/website development and programming gigs on Fiverr?


I am also a software developer, although I have only recently created gigs in this space on Fiverr, this is specifically what Milestones were introduced to facilitate longer projects with clearly definable steps.

It requires a custom gig (which is understandable as no two software development projects are the same), but you can then set up multiple milestones for the lifecycle of the project. You’ll need to ensure that you enable “Accepting Custom Orders” on your Gigs page.

Fiverr are clearly directing software developers toward this model rather than having individual gigs for each step in the software development cycle.

You can read more about Fiverr’s milestones here:

I would suggest setting up a gig as a starting point for the entire project (this is what I have done), then once you engage with a client about the scope of their project, you can offer a custom gig with the relevant steps as per the project you are working on.


Just be really sure that you price appropriate, i.e. not $5 and deal ONLY with clients who actually want to take the time to develop a full articulated Brief/Scope laid out over Milestones. Otherwise it will get ugly fast.

Maybe do as I have heard some other do an start with people purchasing an affordable (again not $5) gig win which you simply develop a Brief. After that they either hire on for the real job or take their Brief and evaporate into the ether - maybe to try a cheaper Dev but if you don’t show all your IP in that document at least you covered your time.



Thank you for your suggestions. I will look into accepting custom orders and how to use milestones for creating a custom order. What about the problem of the gig ranking getting affected while not accepting orders while working on one order for a software/app/website development gig? Is that something to be worried out?

To be honest, I worry less about gig rankings and more about doing the job right and letting gig rankings take care of themselves. I really wouldn’t put much consideration into that aspect. Focus on building the right gig, do the jobs right, and the rankings will sort themselves out. :slight_smile:

Creating some sort of documentation for each milestone is a good idea. I did think that before a milestone is started, some sort of documentation should be there that will indicate what is to be expected from a given milestone. Then, after a milestone is completed, the documentation can be updated and given to the client for review. Only then can the buyer proceed with the next milestone. Otherwise, a developer runs the risk of all his hard work going to waste, which would be terrible.

That makes sense. It is more important to get the job right and a buyer who is satisfied with the product and be a well paid seller with good reviews.


Speaking of software development life cycle, there is a really informative article about it.