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Regarding the daily Offer Limit on Buyer Requests [ARCHIVED]


I have found that the maximum number of offers I can send in response to Buyer Requests is 10 per day.

I understand that this limit is constant and uniform, for all sellers (regardless of the Seller Level).

I’m wondering if it’d not be a better idea (for all concerned) to increase this limit corresponding to higher Seller Levels? (e.g. 25 at Level 1, 50 at Level 2 etc.)

Perhaps, the Fiverr team would consider this suggestion worthy of consideration.

(My apologies if this has been discussed before, but I could not find anything on this here at the forums and hence the post.)


Hi, thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

In my categories though, my quota of offers runs out almost daily. :frowning:

As to the equal chance in the system rationale: then, why allow the higher levels the Gig Extras too?

I also think with the buyer request you should be able to send any of your gigs to a request since I will see a request that matches a gig perfectly but it does not list the perfect match in the forced options.

I agree with the 10 response limit. I know many of us sellers would like to have more opportunity to get our gigs in front of more potential buyers, however, consider this: The more responses we are allowed to send, the more competition our gigs have with the buyer that issued a buyer request.

More responses means a longer list of possible seller gigs for the buyer to go through. And that certainly doesn’t help us sellers, since more sellers are competing for that buyer’s sale, and the odds of the buyer choosing our response drops significantly.

I recommend being content with the 10 responses we are allowed to send each day. Mathematically speaking, this is fair and balanced for both buyer and seller.

Those with the higher levels were starter once, and they followed the same path which newbies are walking. So, path to success is same (equal) for all.

Though this post is old, but thought comes in my mind so I replied.

And I think that 10 bids per day limit is really big one. It is 300 bids (custom offers) a month, there no portal exist on earth which give this huge count per month.

Another good news is that… people love more to surf gigs to order than posting custom job. This is big thing, seriously.

I completely agree because I have to offer more buyer requests than the current limit. I can get more sales if this limit is increased or even doubled.

The problem I am facing is that those who are posting jobs are not being specific enough, so I have to send them a message, which eats up my offer limit. Could there be a way to ask for more details without using up offers? This is frustrating. Either give us more offers or give us another way to communicate before the offer is sent. Also, another critical thing is that once an offer is made, I cannot see my offer or refer to it when they decide to message me separately later. This is a really bad flaw. I hope it can be fixed soon.

Thumbs UP @jonbaas

10 bid limit gives the opportunity to new seller’s to find work.
if this limit is more for level 1,2 then buyer must prefer high level rating seller rather then new seller’s

Please increase qty of buyer request so that we work more

hello … still level 1 seller can send only 10 requests to buyers per day?

Present rules are best for me per day sending 10 requests its wonder full. Why not when we selling our gig then we busy to complete the buyer task so then we have no chance to send new request for work

Please increase quantity of buyer request so that we work more

I am new on fiverr i use my offer limits. how & when i get them again?