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Regarding the updated rating system

Hello There
What happens if a buyer leaves a negative review on the completed order but the seller doesn’t review back? Will the buyers review going to be added anyway or it won’t show unless the seller rates him back?

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The review will show after 10 days automatically.

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Are you certain about this?

Hi there,
The seller’s review doesn’t affect showing the buyer’s review. As soon a buyer gave a review for a completed order, their review is added to the Gig and the Profile and it shows to the public. So it is always better to add your review also. So the public can see how you think about their negative review and you are ready to further help them and won’t do any mistakes in the future orders.

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That answers! Thank you!

This no longer is the case. See below.

If a seller does not review the buyer from a specific transaction, the buyer’s review will be revealed 10 days after order completion. Once the sides have provided their feedback, their reviews will be made public and will be locked from further changes.


Thank you! We never knew about this. So this new review system encourages the sellers to add their review too if they need to show their buyers’ reviews as much as possible to the public

Thanks You! fiverr change a Policy no show a buyyer review first seller send buyyer review then show the buyyer review . as much as possible to the public

It was announced in the link above.

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Yes. We read them now. Thank you for sending us the link :slightly_smiling_face:

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You are welcome. If you type “blind feedback” in the search bar above there is a lot of discussion about this.

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